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You Will Never Guess How Much Fats You Will Gain From Eating These Chinese New Year Snacks

Gong Xi “Fat” Choy! Did you know that 5 Pineapple Tarts is pretty much equivalent to 7 full spoons of sugar and 2 spoons of butter?

Chinese New Year goodies are delicious, decadent and delectable. But devouring these snacks like cookie monster is probably going to get you fat in no time.

The average Singaporean probably can visit 4 or more houses a day during the CNY period. Doing so can lead you to gain about 1 full kg of pure fat mass within 2 days of visiting. Extrapolate that for 1 week, that’s about 3–4 kg of fat gained in just 7 days. And that’s just from additional snacking on treats, not to mention Ah Ma’s delicious curry chicken for dinner.

Lets Get Sciency

One pound of fat is approximately worth 3500kcals. Exceed your normal caloric budget by 3500kcal, that’s about 1lb of fat “earned”.

Goodies (From the Worst)


Credits: Daniel Food Diary

This piece of roasted goodness is a doctor’s nightmare. Marinated in fish sauce, soya sauce and laden with sugar lies a slice of fatty pork. High in caloriess sugar and sodium, this minced bad boy is a recipe for obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

4 Slices of Bakkwa
Calories: 984 kcal 
Sugar: 100g (9 Spoons of Sugar)
YOU GAIN: 32g of Fats


This isn’t a junk food per se, but it is a caloric bomb backed in little shells. Most of the time, we don’t even notice how many we chow down.

Just a couple of handfuls of peanuts (about 3, can match equal the caloric value of a McSpicy)

8 Handful of Peanuts
Calories: 904
Sugar: 1g (Negligible)
YOU GAIN: 80g of Fats

Pineapple Tarts

Credits: Marriott

Like a ray of sunshine, this unique cookie is put together by combining a cake of buttery flour and some sugar-laced pineapple paste to form a uniquely Asian delicacy. However, thanks to it’s richness and sweetness, this cookie packs a ton of fat and sugar too,

8 Pieces of Pineapple Tarts
Calories: 656
Sugar: 120g (10 Spoons of Sugar)
YOU GAIN: 36g of Fats

Shrimp Rolls

Credits: Pris Chew

Dried shrimp, salt, sugar, chilli and oil are further soaked in rich palm oil and then deep fried to form fragrant crunchy little rolls packaged in small little packs. A combination of oil and shrimps make this tempting concoction a recipe for bad cholesterol levels. collection trips.

4 Pieces of Shrimp Rolls
Calories: 456
Sugar: 4g
YOU GAIN: 28g of Fats

Love Letters

Credits: Sweet Memoirs

Peranakan treats are the best. This crunchy delicate biscuit is melded together by a mixture of flour, coconut milk, sugar and egg. All of which, are rich in saturated fats and sugar, a concoction of potential heart disease and expanding waistlines. No one eats 1 love letter and stops? We usually eat 2 or more at each house! That goes up to 8 rolls a day?

8 Pieces of Love Letters
Calories: 448
Sugar: 40g (3+ Spoon of Sugar)
YOU GAIN: 8g of Fats

Kueh Bangkit

Credits: SoShiok

Sugar and coconut milk. This little bite sized bad boy that melts in your mouth is literally made of just sugar and oil. On a typical day of visiting, I observe family members chowing down 8 to 10 in a whole day due to its addictive texture.

8 Pieces of Kueh Bangkit
Calories: 366
Sugar: 16g (1+ Spoon of Sugar)
YOU GAIN: 16g of Fats

Average Weight Gained in 2 Days?

(984 + 904 + 456 + 366 + 448 + 656) x 2 Days? = 7628 kcal

That’s 1kg of pure fat from just snacking. Kudos sir.

Think You Can Burn It Off?

You can but….it’s….

14 Hours of Jogging

13.5 Hours of Non-Stop Pushups

50 Hours of Mopping Floors

Good Luck and RIP Diet.

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