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Why Your Magnum Ice Cream is More Expensive Here in Singapore

It's simple economics.

What is the best ice-cream stick? Probably Magnum for most.

In Singapore, your Magnum sticks cost around $3.90 and above where as the cost only an equivalent of$1.50 in our neighboring country.


1. Transport Fees

Singapore imports most of its F&B items and hence, we tend topay more transport costs which will obviously be incurred and added into the prices of our items.

2. Tax

Have you heard of "sin tax"? The reason why we pay so much for "bad" items such as cigarettes and alcohol is to keep these "demerit" item consumption low. Well, we're not sure if Magnum is considered a "sinful" food, but we are sure that there is some taxation on our government's end.

3. Different Costs

Renting in Wisma Atria at Orchard will obviously be different from renting a mama shop in the alleys of Johor Bahru. To cover up these cost differences, it is only logical for your suppliers to charge a higher fee for that little stick of heaven.

4. Different Willingness to Pay

Unilever sells Magnums more expensive here because they believe Singaporeans are richer and more willing to pay for their ice cream as opposed to Malaysians, so they put a higher premium on ice creams sold here.

Is it Fair?

Not necessarily, but well, just enjoy your Magnum treat everytime you pass the customs.

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