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The One and Only Thing You Need to Order at Every Major Fast Food Outlet

Your guide to the best order at every fast food restaurant

Just like any high-class restaurant, fast food joints are all characterized by their unique signature dishes that helped them lay their claim to fame. These, are the only things you ever need to order next time you hit up McDonald’s or KFC.



  • Big Mac Meal + Chicken Nuggets

The Big Mac is an age-old classic. Somehow, we feel that the Big Mac still feels better and more sumptuous than the Quarter Pounder. Taking a meal takes care of the fries and drinks at the same time. Of course, who can forget McDonald’s chicken nuggets? They are one of the best finger foods in the world. Dip em in some curry sauce and they will act as a finisher for your delicious but slightly gluttonous meal.


Order: 3-Piece OR Fried Chicken + Cheese Fries

Why Original Recipe and not Hot & Crispy? Apart from the fact that it’s hot enough in Singapore, OR is a better deal because it gives you more succulent chicken meat compared to Hot & Crispy that just has too much flour and oil from its excessive batter. KFC fries are just meh, but add in some nacho cheese and you will get an awesome meal out of it.


Order 3-Piece Dinner + Mash Potatoes on Side

Ordering a value meal like the 3-Piece chicken meal gives you Popeye’s special fried chicken and it’s even more awesome signature Popeye’s biscuits that we absolutely love. If you aren’t satiated, top it off with more carbs by throwing in some mashed potatoes glazed in delicious gravy.

Burger King

Order: Double Western Whopper + Onion Rings

As Burger King says, “Twice the Beef, Twice the Fun”. You got that right! Flame-grilled beef patties, Turkey Bacon, American Cheese and a hint of healthiness with fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce, tangy pickles and fresh onions. Of course, how can we forget the best sides Burger King has to offer? The epic onion rings!

Carl’s Jr

Order: The Original Thickburger + Beef Chili Cheese Fries

If you think chain restaurants don’t give you great quality burgers, then the Thickburger with its 100% Angus beef patties will prove you wrong. This succulent 1/2lb bad boy throws McD’s 1/4lb-er out of the water. Couple this with some unique chili cheese fries you can’t find at any other outlet in Singapore? You get an awesome meal, but not necessarily a healthy one



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