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THE HUNGRY CEO’s Burger Review: The Butchers Club

The Gambler Burger with Duck FatFries. Meh.

WARNING: The Hungry CEO do only short reviews cause he can’t write very well and he doesn’t have much time to fluff around.

It was an impromptu decision to have my dinner over at The Butchers Club over at Clarke Quay, I have heard some good reviews and some not-so-good reviews from the burger joint previously, thus I decided to find out for myself how was the food actually.

We ordered The Gambler Burger which was one of the items on the Secret Menu and upon the suggestions of the waiter, we added in the Duck Fat Fries.

The Gambler Burger which is supposely the Amercian-style spicy fried chicken with blue cheese cream, just disappoint so badly. Can’t taste the blue cheese, just full of grease.

The Duck Fat Fries, is just a disappointment. Its just fried wedges, and it has to be one of the most tastless wedges I have ever eaten. I have gotten better potato wedges from hotel lobby bars.

Bill came up to be around $40+ for a 'meh' burger and tasteless wedges.

Conclusion: Will not be going back, definitely not recommend to have any business lunch or meeting your friends there. MacDonlad’s Salted Egg Yolk Burger is better.

Taste: 4/10
Price: 3/10 *because they are charging that kind price for that kind of standard

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