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Seafood High in Mercury You Should Steer Clear Of

Mercury poisoning is a real threat you need to take seriously

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If you grew up watching Finding Nemo, you might not support the consumption of seafood to begin with. But if you are concerned about your health, then you might want to rethink the inclusion of seafood in your diet due to the possible threat of mercury poisoning.

Due to heavy pollution of our oceans, several species of fish have actually ingested a tonne of mercury which has a negative impact on our health. Mercury could have detrimental effects on your heart, nervous system, and general well-being.

The amount of mercury we can tolerate depends on our gender, height and weight. You can get a recommendation here.

Avoid These


Swordfish is rare and hunting for it has a negative impact on our ecosystem. A serving of swordfish also contains over 200% of our weekly mercury limit.


Tunas might be lean and nutritious but they are high in mercury. Albacores that are more expensive actually have higher mercury content as well, about 80% of our weekly quota per can. Opt for light tuna like Skipjack that have lower mercury.

Sea Bass

Sea Bass might be a Chinese delicacy, but it's mercury content isn't low. Rather high up the food chain, the diet of the Sea Bass has led it to contain a substantial amount of mercury. The Chilean Sea Bass especially, is something you will want to avoid.

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