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Psychology: Why You Wait in Line for Trendy Food

Willing to wait 2 hours for your bubble tea? Here's the psychology behind it.

Credits: Daily Mail

It doesn’t matter what time it is, how tired you are. Come rain or sunshine, most of us are still willing to queue in line for the latest trendy food.

Credits: Business Insider

Behind this phenomenon is actually some pretty legit psychology.

Dr. Gail Saltz, a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry explains that having access or getting a taste of something that’s hard to get, give us a sort of bragging right that somehow improve our self definition and ego.

“When you are envied, your self-worth feels improved,” Saltz says.

The “mob psychology” is another reason why people wait in line for popular foods. To be part of a group, a trend chaser, makes us feel a sense of belonging, something that most human desire on an innate level.

Of course, waiting in line and “suffering” for that latest milkshake or Nasi Lemak also somehow makes it all the more delicious.

Credits: Expat Living

Do you agree with this explanation on why you were willing to go the distance and pay a hefty price (tag) for that rainbow cake or other funky dessert? Or do you have another reason that Dr Saltz is unaware of?

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