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5 Steamboats That You MUST Try in Singapore Especially on Rainy Days

The Hungry CEO shows you 5 steamboat places that will leave you satisfied.


    During a cold rainy day, there is nothing better than gathering with a few good friends and feasting over a hot, steaming pot of steamboat!

    1. Hai Di Lao (海底捞)

    With a large variety of meat, seafood and impeccable customer service (they literally do EVERYTHING for you), this particular chain of steamboat restaurant has attract a large crowd on all days. You can choose up to 4 soup base! My best personal take for the base will be Mala(Spicy), Tomato, Seafood and Chicken Stock.

    We especially love their Wagyu beef which is marbled nicely and just melts in your mouth!

    But be prepared to Q up to 3 hours or more especially in the evenings.

    Location: 3 River Valley Rd, S179023

    2. Fu Lin Men Dou Lao (福临门)

    Sharing is caring, but at times, we just want to have our personal pot. And thats what you get at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao, they provide all the guest with their very own miniature pot.

    The restaurant interior gives off a grand-era Chinoiserie feel, perfect for entertaining clients, no longer you have to bring them to only steakhouses. There are seven private rooms, one of which can seat 30 diners. With a good collection of fine wine and Chinese alcohol, I have no problem securing my kind of poison for the night.

    Their Signature Golden Imperial Broth is the one that always catches my gut. The soup is thick and yet not-so-creamy, just the way I like my soup. I can just keep drinking it over and over again.

    Remember to try out their colourful Handmade Meat Ball Platter, visually stunning and an absolutely delicious.

    The Hungry CEO Tip: Download GRABZ app and enjoy VIP Complimentary Dishes with Fu Lin Men. You’re welcome.

    3. Tanyoto (譚魚頭)

    One of the oldest establishments in Singapore for authentic Chinese Sichun steamboat, where I was first introduced to Mala steamboat many years back by my Chinese counterparts. Interesting fact; Tanyoto have over 100 establishment across Asia’s major cities and mainly in China.

    Their soup recipe was conceived in 1996 when they first open, till date they have made some changes to it that just makes the soup better and more refined.

    Must Try: Their fresh Secret Recipe Fish Head

    The Hungry CEO Tip: 20% off Ala Carte items and Complimentary Snow Flake Beef when you downlaod GRABZ app

    4. COCA Steamboat Restaurant

    COCA restaurant is a Thai restaurant chain is a household name in Singapore, well-known for its signature Coca sauce, made from a secret family recipe over 50 years ago.

    Even though they have moved to a smaller location. Their good food standards have not dropped especially the chilli. It is heavenly. Do not be shy to ask them to refill it for you, even for several times.

    The dishes is generous in portion and variety. Personally I especially love their fresh prawns *Its really fresh* along with their yam, wanton, cockles and the large variety of vegetables.

    5. Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat

    Located at Balestier Road, Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat specializes in mutton ribs and soup. Their soup base by far, is one of the best I have tasted in Singapore, very herby and no trace of MSG.

    Don’t expect much for ambience, it’s a neighbourhood hotpot place. Service from the few staffs serving my table was excellent. They will explain the dishes and stock, serve you the stock and tell you why you should have it first before starting to cook, explain which dishes should go in first, show you how to cook the mutton slices, and then dipping them into the chilli flakes and spices on a saucer.

    The star here is the mutton ribs — a generous portion — which taste just heavenly when you cook till the meat portions fall off the bones.


    Location: 432 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329813


    The star here is the mutton ribs — a generous portion — which taste just heavenly when you cook till the meat portions fall off the bones.

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