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5 Easy Healthy Food Hacks Anyone Can Do

Eating healthy isn't easy, but these little tricks will go a long way

If you struggle to eat or live healthier, you will be glad to know that small tiny steps taken daily can help make a tremendous difference to your overall health. These 5 little hacks might not seem like much, but they are actually effortless things you can do daily, to help you look and feel better.

1. Drink green tea before and after meals

Green tea stimulates metabolism and increase the rate at which fat is burnt in your body, improves brain function and promotes relaxation.

2. Choose dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate

It has lower sugar content and high antioxidant content that helps prevent cancer.

3. Grab some avocados for a creamy treat

If you crave something creamy, pick some avocados instead of cream cheese. They aid digestion and improve heart health. Top them on your toast to start off an excellent day.

4. Yoghurt over Mayo

Low fat Greek yoghurt are not only packed with protein and minimally processed, they taste awesome. The thick texture of Greek yoghurt acts as an excellent substitute for Mayo. Furthermore, this probiotic rich food will promote stellar gut health.

5. Spice it Up

Add some cayenne pepper or ginger to your diet to surge your metabolism. Spicy foods usually contain capsaicin that boosts metabolism, prevent cancer and uplift your mood by triggering endorphin release.

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